Welcome to my website! Here I introduce my site which has some links to a few other pages. These include pages about my career history (), experiences of research life (), some of my science interests () and my experiences with the marine environment ().

I have coded this website myself using HTML and CSS, and the site is hosted on an Apache2 server which I set up. The webpages are likely to be fairly basic in design; bear with me, it's a long-term project. I have developed the site partly out of interest and for fun and partly to develop a useful tool for my career. I feel that it could be a useful future tool for the purposes of outreach and for the dissemination of research results.

So before going any further I should say a few words about myself. I am a researcher working in academia and currently focused on the fields of fluid mechanics and oceanography. I also have interests in meteorology, climate science, astrophysics, numerics and chaos theory (see my page where I've added a few examples). A key thread running through my academic career so far has been the application of fluid mechanics combined with numerical simulation to conduct process studies of natural phenomena. It's an exploration of the natural world with the aim of better understanding these systems, where this improved understanding may have myriad applications and uses. I've worked as a research scientist for over a decade (if including my PhD work). See for more specific details of my career and science projects. Before my career in academia I worked in industry as a Hydrographic and Geomatic Surveyor. My work as a Hydrographic Surveyor involved working on ships in the North Sea and English Channel operating sonar equipment and taking ocean observations. I grew up next to the ocean and feel a close affinity with that environment. Indeed, my research is now focused on ocean phenonena, although that is as much luck as choice (see for some discussion about life as a research scientist). You can read more about my past work as a Surveyor and my ocean experiences here .

N.b. my chat room () is intended to be a space for any interesting new research developments and where interested people can ask questions about the research or research careers, however, it is not yet active. Some notes about the website set up are provided here.